Bricks of Egypt

Bricks of Egypt

Bricks of Egypt is a fantastic breakout game that features an Egyptian thematic
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Bricks of Egypt is a fantastic breakout game that features a well-designed Egyptian thematic combined with the action of brick-breaking games. It takes you to the wonderful world of Egyptian pyramids, to search for uncovered priceless treasures. In spite of being a classic brick-breaking game, it turns out to be not repetitive or too easy as other games of this type may be. As you move on through levels, it gets really challenging as action increases, and different items appear, such as traps, gems, hieroglyphs, and secret passages.
Your task will be to make your way through to secret chambers and tombs to complete your collection of antique plaques and relics. To do so, you have to break all the bricks, and pick up all the antique items that are hidden behind the walls, without letting the ball fall. In your journey, you will have the aid of the enchanting Eyes which will drop extra bonuses, depending on the selected level pack.
The game has nine level packs to choose from. If you complete one of the first four, you can access to its corresponding locked level, which in turn contains sixteen levels more. If you manage to complete all the levels, then a new level, the final Bonus Pack will be unlocked and it contains twenty four levels more. In each level pack you will find particular features, scores and different challenges, as well as bonuses and power-ups. In addition, there are three different levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to hard. The graphics are well drawn and the colors are really bright and appealing. The music, shooting sounds and voices are pretty good as well. Bricks of Egypt is a nice game, really entertaining, and provides hours of fun for all ages.

Review summary


  • Good Graphics and sounds
  • Great gameplay
  • Lots of action


  • 60 minutes of gameplay in trial version
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